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Unifying Mindfulness with Bodhicitta & Discovering Pristine Awareness with Lama Mark Webber

Please join us for a wonderful weekend of teachings from Lama Mark Webber on the essential topics of Unifying mindfulness and Bodhicitta and Discovering Pristine Awareness (Mahamudra). These teachings are open to all.

Friday, April 12th
7:00 pm - 9pm

Saturday and Sunday, April 13th & 14th
9:30 am – 11am & 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

For further enquiries please contact Erin Lummis: 03 981 8380
or email

Friday Evening, April 12, 7-9 pm:

Unifying Mindfulness and Bodhicitta.

Teaching, explanations and meditations on how mindfulness-attentiveness can be merged with relative and transcendent compassion (Bodhicitta). Liberating the mind requires compassion and other essential qualities for oneself and all other beings. It increases our capacity and strength of body, speech and mind for all aspects of our life and gaining accomplishment in liberation and awakeness. The Lama will introduce his recent study guide called The Thirty-seven Factors of Enlightenment.

Saturday and Sunday, April 13 & 14th
9:30am—11am &  2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Discovering Pristine Awareness (Mahamudra).

Pristine, Naked Awareness or Mahamudra is a term for our mind’s innate nature. It also describes the meditation of unbinding and non-fabrication. Mahamudra, or 'great seal’ is the view of all experience as it is—emptiness as total awakeness and compassion. This series of teachings describes the preparations, graduated steps we take and the natural mode of mind free of all obscurations. Lama Mark Webber will be giving a reading transmission, teachings and meditations of Je Gampopa’s (11th cent.) essence text: The Single Sufficient Path of Mahamudra. This is an elegant and direct instruction of the essence-ground of mind, the meditations, path we need to follow and the result.; the inseparable unity of wisdom and compassion.

Lama Mark Webber (Lama Yongdu Chokyi Gyaltsen)

Lama Mark Webber has been studying and teaching Buddha-dharma for over forty years. For thirty years his main root teacher was the great Ven. Karma Namgyal Rinpoche who taught Lama Webber in all three cycles of the Buddha’s teachings, including Abhidhamma,Vipassana in the lineages of Mahāsi Sayādaw and other great meditation masters, generation and completion stage practices of the Vajrayana and Mahamudra/Dzogchen of many lineages, especially of the Karma Kagyu and Sakya. For the last ten years, under the guidance and request of Drikung Lho Ontül Rinpoche, Lama Webber has been practicing and teaching principally the richness of the Drikung Kagyu Mahamudra and Drikung Yangzab Dzogchen traditions.

Lama Webber is a Resident Teacher and Spiritual Director/advisor for a number of retreat centres worldwide. For more information please see

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