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Developing Skilful Patience

with Keith Rowan

Date & Time:

Friday 8th June 7.30 - 9.30 pm. This is an introductory session aimed for those new to catch up and to remind those whom came before to Keith's last visit of the key points of what we have discovered so far.

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th June: 10 - 12 noon, 2 - 4 pm each day

Lunch: Please bring something to share for a potluck lunch if you are staying for lunch

Cost: Any donation will help with ongoing maintenance and costs of running the CBC. Note that any offerings for the teaching are completely voluntary. They are a way to tell ourselves that we think the teachings are valuable. No one should feel they cannot attend because of money.

RSVP: to Erin Lummis, email:
phone: 03 981 8380

Venue: The teachings will be held at the Christchurch Buddhist Centre, 43 Harrow Street, Phillipstown. Come down the long driveway to the gompa (meditation hall) at the back.


Our emotional world can be one of delight but also of torment. The Buddha discovered and taught that our emotional responses to situations, especially painful negative ones, can be altered for the better through our own efforts. The question is how to skilfully apply ourselves to that task. 

The answer is to develop Patience. Not grit-your-teeth patience but a naturally arising relaxed attitude based on sensible analysis of what is going on.

The weekend’s classes will draw on practical ideas from a splendidly named book ‘Bodhisattvacaryavatara’ by the great Indian Buddhist teacher, Shantideva. The spiritual director of the Rigdzin Trust Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche requested in his last message to us that his students do this study. That aside, the ideas given by Shantideva are fresh and relevant for anyone wanting to train to overcome negative emotional responses.

Everyone is welcome to take part.

About Keith:

Keith Rowan has studied and practised Buddhist teachings for over 40 years. He has received extensive teachings from his main teachers Namgyal Rinpoche and Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche and from several other great Tibetan teachers. "My greatest pleasure is to share, as best I can, the wonderful insights and methods that Buddhism can offer, in plain English that ordinary people of whatever inclination or belief can understand and put into practice. The teachings of the Buddha are not about strange belief systems. They are about who we are, the challenges we face and our true birthrights - happiness, love and liberation."

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