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Mindfulness Course with Erin Lummis

Content of the course:

  1. What mindfulness is
  2. What mindfulness isn't
  3. How practicing mindfulness can:
    • Benefit/ enrich your daily life
    • Reduce anxiety, depression impact, stress levels
    • Grow awareness of self and the world around us
    • To live more fully in the present – a way to reduce the focus on the past, and on a possible future
    • As an aid to, and part of, more effective meditation practice.
    • Positively effect physical and psychological health (cautionary discussion included)
    • Learning techniques that will help

Facilitator: Erin Lummis - Councillor/ Therapist

Information/ bookings: Erin Lummis 021 203 2042

Cost: $10 ($5 concessions).
Funds to aid building a veranda in front of the gompa